Here at Camden Enterprises, we offer home remodeling services for the elderly and the disabled. Our owner’s own first-hand experience with his mother’s struggles mean that he is knowledgeable and willing to help accommodate your individual needs. Disability remodeling will help you or your loved one to be able to make full use of their home and enjoy life without needing to worry about a home that’s not suited for them. 

At Camden Enterprises, we have over 20 years experience in home repairs and walk in bathtubs for the elderly and disabled. Because our quality is the highest and our prices are moderate, we have become leaders in  helping our customers stay in their homes while offering the highest form of customer service available. What ever the obstacle, we can help you overcome it. 

Walk-in Bathtubs 

Walk-in bathtubs allow your loved one to be able to bathe safely and comfortably. Minimize the risk of bathtub slips and falls with a walk-in bathtub installation in your Fruitland home. We install walk-in tubs that make it easy to step into a bathtub and bathe without concern. Bathtub conversions allow you to convert your bathroom into a disability-friendly space. We offer disability bathtub conversions for a low price to ensure that you can live your life with the ease you deserve. 

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